Hearding call “kulning” in the ski slope!

In January Johanna Bölja and Emma Härdelin did some Hearding Calls, “kulning”, in the ski slope in Järvsö, Sweden, to celebrate the year of Cultural Heritage in Sweden 2018. The echo was all over the village! You can see a video here! It was great fun to go skiing in folk costume! The video was made by The Beard Bringer.


Bölja/Härdelin at the Cultural Heritage of 2018 in Järvsö, Sweden

Merry Christmas with a video by Bölja/Härdelin

This year, has been a year of working with other folk singers, witch I really love! I have been singing both summer concerts and christmas conserts with my dear friend Emma Härdelin. We also went to Bodö in Norway in april to sing with the vocal ensemble Vocal Arts. In marsch I got the honor to go to London and perform some hearding calls with my dear friend Ulrika Bodén. I also gave five workshops in kulning (Swedish herding call). Thank you all! I wish you a Happy New Year with this video of me and Emma Härdelin!