Said about Kärleksbrev och ryska satelliter – Visor i Hälsingland

”Every nuance and sentiment glistens like dew drops in grass in July. Yes, it is inviting to use such rich metaphors for this music. The dark forests, the deep-blue mountains and the melancholy of life is there already. Mental images line up like a high-definition panorama. We are simply witnessing great musicality and an infinitely careful treatment of the found music treasures.” – Anders Jansson, Ljusnan (translated from Swedish)

“As usual, I was in my car on my way home to Hälsingland. But it was nothing like usual. I was listening to these beautiful songs and your fantastic voices which filled me with love, sorrow, humor and joy. Everything so close and so beautiful. You gave new life to my roots. Thank you, wonderful women, for being.” – Barbro “Lill-Babs” Svensson (translated from Swedish)


Said about Kapten Bölja -Kapten Bölja

”I seem to hear a revival of Folk och Rackare. This doesn’t mean Kapten Bölja doesn’t hold its own. Johanna has a fine voice and the back-up has depth. […] The track Får du en vän, with pizzicato on the keyed fiddle and Limpan Lindberg on bouzouki, gives me the shivers.” – Lira magazine (translated from Swedish)


Said about Ditt Ditt Darium – Ifrån främmande land

”It is extremely skillfully done. Also varied and fun to listen to. You have the opportunity to get to know each voice, each personal expression, and then to follow the various parts form a musical weave. Each song has its own unique framework.” – Folkmusik & Dans magazine (translated from Swedish)

“Beautiful, ever-changing and individualistic with four very skilled musicians who make distances shrink.” – Spelmannen (translated from Swedish)

“The fiddles weave a complex tracery around the voices, beautiful and decorating, never intrusive, simultaneously strong and delicate. At times there’s an intimacy to it all that makes listening feel almost like an intrusion. All but two of the songs are in Swedish, but given the sound of the language, that’s fine by me. The playing and singing are immaculate even when they use “microtones”, utterly deliberate notes just off the normal scale. There’s a lot of sheer charm to it too, as when “The Gower Wassail” is sung in a delightful Swedish accent. And then there are those gently heart-warming harmonies… Yes, I liked it.” – FiddleOn Magazine

“…a new major folk music group is on its way” – Dala-Demokraten (translated from Swedish)


Concert reviews

”Here you find both haunting melodies and quick reels, all in great arrangements. Very professional!”” – Folkmusik & Dans magazine (translated from Swedish)

“They switch skillfully between solemn chorals and groovy dance tunes. The repertoire is vast, pleasantly presented and the women have a musical joy that is infectious.” – Ljusdalsposten